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Are You Looking For an Apprenticeship
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If You Are, Boy Do We Have a Program For You!

It’s Called The Affiliate Apprenticeship!

Rhea Perry


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Few people understand the power of the Internet to make money by simply sending an email.

Yet, once you understand a few simple concepts, it is absolutely amazing how much money you can earn by simply telling your friends about products and services you love.

My name is Rhea Perry, and I am an Internet mom. I still home educate four of my seven children and operate a successful online business on the side.

In the past 4 years, I’ve created several streams of income using the Internet by connecting people I love with products and services they need.

My favorite income stream is from those checks that show up in my mail box every few days.

The very best ones are those that are residual. They just keep coming in month after month after month after month...

If you want to learn how to become financially free and to train your children to do so, you have to learn the rules.

Generating residual income is the only way to create true financial freedom.

Most folks do it with real estate. When renters pay their rent, landlords get paid. Month after month after month… That’s one way to create residual income.

And did you know that 70% of the financially free in America got there because of real estate?

Well, now that the Internet has arrived, it’s a whole lot simpler to do with email. And you don’t even have to become a real estate investor!

It’s called Affiliate Marketing.

To learn more, simply enter your primary email address in this box. You’ll get instant access to all the details about this once in a lifetime opportunity!

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Here’s what some of our other members have said about The Affiliate Apprenticeship.

“I'd been poking around with affiliate marketing and trying to get my mind wrapped around all the information "out there" about it. The problem is, there's SO MUCH information, it's very, VERY easy to experience information overload!!

What I really needed was somebody who'd "been there, done that" who could get me focused on the right things to start with, how and what to add as I got more experienced, and provide me with a "sounding board" when I had questions.

I once even asked Rhea if she would be willing to work with me on affiliate marketing, since I knew she was a Super Affiliate. At the time, she was not doing the Affiliate Apprenticeship, so she had to turn me down. Needless to say, when she launched the Affiliate Apprenticeship program, I was all over it! I don't know if I was the first to buy in, but I know I was really close!!

So for anyone who's trying to figure out how to start, and how to cut a clean path through the "information overload", I DEFINITELY recommend this program!"

Scott Sutherland
Oviedo, Florida

"There are many places "out there" in Internet land where you could find Affiliate Marketing and even opportunities for mentorship. But let me tell you what sets Rhea's program above the others.

Four things come immediately to mind. They are:

1) Team---She's got a top notch team in place dedicated to helping you succeed, and you can draw from their experience;

2) She is the "Christian" connection that is sorely needed in today's world. (This alone made the biggest difference for me.) They bring a peace and good feeling to your very soul;

3) They provide all types of resources AND continue to expand on those (very valuable aspect) for your benefit; and

4) Rhea is a person who spreads and shares her successes.

I can boldly state that Rhea and her team are the most forthright and best business associates you will ever find. Her business has grown in leaps---for many reasons. Join as an affiliate and learn firsthand why.

Personally, I know that I am going to reap significant financial rewards this year for being affiliated with Rhea."

Alicia Golden-Herrera
Wittmann, Arizona

"Rhea's Affiliate Apprenticeship Class was perfect for a "newbie" like me. I didn't know anything about internet marketing when I started the class. I learned so much! What Rhea taught me has enabled me to make money from goal when I started the class.

Thanks Rhea!"

Denise Lindvall


Get Instant Access to All the Details

Get instant access to all the details.

Enter Name and Email below.

First Name:

Primary E-mail:

We respect your privacy!
We promise we won't share your email
address with any unauthorized third party.



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